Welcome to the Self-Ascension Classroom!

Seeking a more profound Inner Peace?

Wanting to discover for yourself why you took birth?

Seeking greater Consciousness and Freedom?

The journey of Awakening brings soul-based empowerment into daily life. To “Awaken” is to break free from the hypnosis of mass consciousness and egoic limitations. This requires focus and commitment, yet the journey can be joyful.

The path of Self-Ascension honors and respects that all beings on this planet are in their own perfect process. Your Soul is connected to the Source of creation and wisdom. Self-Ascension is a way of expanding soul consciousness; we therefore honor and respect all pathways as the sacred journey Spirit in form.

The material at this website will support your journey of Awakening, no matter whether you are just beginning your conscious journey or you are seeking to go deeper. Explore the free lessons from the Archangelic realm. Or download an audio class and experience the support of a guided presentation that respects your inner mastery.

Joy is your birthright and now is the time!

Welcome to the Self-Ascension Classroom!