Discovering Self-Ascension!

The world of mass consciousness is a complex illusionary reality filled to the brim with limiting beliefs trying to inhibit our sense of true Joy.  It is the ultimate schoolroom for the expansion of our consciousness! The path of Self-Ascension honors and respects that all beings on this planet are in their own perfect process.  All will eventually find their way home to Awakened Consciousness as their soul leads the way.

We honor and respect ALL pathways as the sacred journey of divine Spirit in form.

Self-Ascension is a gift we give to ourselves when we choose to embrace our Authentic energy. This is sometimes referred to as the Higher Self or Soul.  This eternal Self is your truth.  The personality and ego-self are tools designed to assist you with individuation while navigating this 3D world of density. As you read more, this will reveal itself to you in a myriad of ways.

Joy is the signal from your soul that you are experiencing authenticity.   
Peace, Love and Joy are the perennial qualities of a soul-based life. Self-Ascension transcends the habit and belief
 that struggle and pain-based emotions must define you.

Peace, Love and Joy are frequently misunderstood  as simple emotions. However, at the soul level, they go well beyond the emotions. Peace, Love and Joy are a state of Being-ness that transcends the emotional body entirely.  The personality self first understands these states of being through the filter of emotional consciousness. It is as you gain in experience and discernment that you discern Peace, Love and Joy underpin all other emotional experiences. A true breakthrough in your journey.

Self-Ascension is a way of life; an Authentic pathway home to Oneness.

There are four simple steps in the Self-Ascension process.

Surrender – 
Release Judgment – Unconditional Love
 – Be in Union

These steps are a circle and present without a particular order; they evolve as your discernment evolves.  Whenever you are experiencing something less than Peace, Love, or Joy, it is a call to choose to align with your Soul, rather than with your personality-self. Decide which of the above four steps needs your attention.  From there, simply breathe and relax into trust.

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The gift of Self-Ascension is expansive and you can learn even more about this process in the illuminating book by Sri and Kira

“Sacred Union; the Journey Home”



May your heart know that Self-Ascension is as individual as you are!







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