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The teachings and spiritual practices you will find at this website offer an opportunity to awaken to your soul’s deepest knowing.  Carried within your spiritual DNA are the secrets you seek and the answers to your questions.  The journey home is a path of remembering and recognizing the authentic wisdom of your divine nature.

This authenticity, known as Self-Ascension, brings Peace Love and Joy into your daily life experience.  These are the signals from the soul that you are aligned.

May your heart always know that your Life is your spiritual path!

All of your choices influence your experiences. Gift yourself and get ready to let go of dogma as you fully expand your heart! Breathe deeply, relax and enjoy your exploration of this site. Your heart will easily guide you to the teachings and classes that are appropriate for you at this moment.

Smile…your moment of Self-Ascension is here!

May you discover that abundance and joy are your birthright! These gifts are yours and available for you to reclaim right now.

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Sri and Kira TOSAlogobig

At this site you will find lessons that will expand your wisdom and insight about Self-Ascension, Ascension, 2013 Ascension, 2014 Ascension, Light-Ascension, The Violet Flame, Spiritual Enlightenment, Karma, The Essene, Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Raphael, The Ascended Masters, St. Germain, Light transmissions, The Ascended Masters, The Ascended Masters abodes, The Crystalline City, Lake Atitlan, The Blue Starborn, Atlantis, 2012 Propehcies, The Cycle of the Ages, Mayan Prophecies, Spiritual Healing and much more!  Trust yourself to discover what is yours to know now!