June Daily Reflections

What a blessing and a joy to present the daily reflections this month! The Insoulment that called to me for this moment of our history is from the Divine Illuminations Series, Message Ten: The Healing Moment. As we navigate this powerful timeline on our planet, we have the greater opportunity to HEAL and rise above the chaos as we model this for others. With density trying to distract us in every area of our lives, this very special Insoulment offers guidance and reassurance. And if you feel called, I highly suggest you read the entire Divine Illuminations series. I did and wow! May we all remember how loved and guided we are as we anchor our Divine Presence into Form!

Namaste, I love you! Mary Jacobs

Divine Illuminations

“Message Ten:

The Healing Moment

June 1
There is a great healing moment that is before the entire universal channels of Divine Illumination now. This great healing moment is, indeed, a fluid moment.

June 2
Fluidity in the moment is a great, important and glorious thing.

June 3
…in the moment that is the healing moment, all interference will come forward with great power, and the interference will find itself coming forward in many ways and in all areas. And we say: Beloved Ones, because the healing opportunity is here, the interference must be present within, or it would not be the healing opportunity.

June 4
Interference is an ego-centered construction of a whirlpool of mind activity that is seeking an answer and trying to make sense of a world around it.

June 5
One might say: “Is not the word interference in and of itself a judgment?” And we say to thee: Interference is not a judgment. Interference is an antithesis of healing.

June 6
To heal, one must be able to discern. To discern, one must be able to hold presence. To hold presence, one must be able to drop what you call Ego.

June 7
Protection comes when you allow yourself to relax, when you allow your self-IS-ness—not selfishness, Self-IS-Ness. When you allow your Self-IS-ness to simply unwind.

June 8
Be in the pure sacred knowing, knowledge, and trusting presence of the Divine working through thee in all aspects.

June 9
Healing is not physical. Healing is not emotional. Healing is not spiritual. Healing is the opposite construction of the interference that is generated by the ego presence of a mind, body and spirit in density.

June 10
In the moment of the Divine release into the presence of your own illuminated beingness, the wholeness restores.

June 11
All time is transcendent, in that there is no time. Therefore, a moment is always fluid.

June 12
The great moment of healing, is upon thee now!

June 13
Ignite within thyself thy loving presence, thy illuminated being, the fullness, the recognition, the expansion of what your soul knows is true.

June 14
YOU, Divine Beloved, are the messenger, and you are the message.

June 15
Every action, experience, and recognition of the density body, mind and soul through the illuminated body, mind and soul, are on a journey of healing.

June 16
I Am Here . . . I Am Ready . . . I Am Open . . . Guide Me!

June 17
You fabricate your life, you fabricate your body constantly. You fabricate your friends, where you live, who you are, what you do, how you act, what you say, what you look like, what you wear. You are great fabricators, and you are great co-creators.

June 18
To fabricate together creates a quilt. Think of the patchwork squares as they come together in great harmony. When put together into one quilt, they become quite beautiful.

June 19
Release the stimulation of the mind of density and feel the heart of the one universal pulse.

June 20
Ignite within thyself the greater harmonic recognition of Divine Illuminated perfection.

June 21
In the recognition, in the letting go of I AM as a personalized energy, you open to the I AM of the Universal conduit of Divine energy.

June 22
To believe that you must call forth protection thereby means you are further away from healing.

June 23
To know that you are divinely in flow as a protecting force through your harnessed love of divine illuminated energy of the universe is to be the spontaneous healing.

June 24
Pay attention to what holds your attention, and then invite yourself to ask, Are my eyes on the Divine?

June 25
The “you” that is existing in this Divine experience cannot ever be hurt.

June 26
To release the stimulation of the mind of density and to feel the heart of the one universal pulse is to ignite within thyself the greater harmonic recognition of Divine Illuminated perfection.

June 27
We are all one heart. And all words limit the experience.

June 28
The healing moment is before thee. This is the moment.

June 29
To heal is to raise through the planetary thought body.

June 30
Raise through the planetary thought body by allowing yourself the divine recognition that you are free to fly now.