April Daily Reflections

Namaste Beloved Miracle Family community! As I was preparing these practices and daily reflections I was guided to use The Lost Books of the Essene, Message Eight Insoulment. The energy of the Lesson is so powerful, loving and pure, and yet very profound. I was humbled to work with that sacred knowledge. May your heart receive the blessings of Divine wisdom from the Essene Brethren in this month, and may it support you on your Divine journey!
With humble bow of love and gratitude,

Masha Sigurdson

Daily reflections from:

The Lost Books of the Essene

A Series of Twelve Energy Transmissions

Message Eight: “The Four Journeys”

1. We are at the glorious moment of Divine recognition as you journey ever more through the pathway…through the portal…through the Divine presence of your life.

2. As you walk through this life, as you expand through this life, there are many energies now that are centered upon the resurrection of the energy of true, present, joyous knowing. True, present, joyous knowing.

3. These four words, true, present, joyous, knowing; when strung together, have indeed, and energy that bursts forth only from a heart that has been anchored within its own space free of the four energies that seek to take you from the journey.

4. Beloved Angels of Divine Light and Presence, with each breath that you take, the first energy that is a gift, and yet that would seek to stop reunion, stop resurrection, is the gift of the body.

5. It is when that the Being of Light in form on a planet of form in a physical vessel known as a body becomes aligned with the body that the forgetfulness begins.

6. …Then there is the belief structure that supports the body; is there not? This is the second gift. The first gift is a body. The second gift is the belief structure that springs from the body.

7. These are great servants for you for each of these gifts brings you into greater recognition, reunification, and understanding that as you are ready to be the True Presence of all joy, then the body must find its beauty in and of itself without the “you” being the controller of it.

8. Take a breath and feel hello…hello…hello.

9. The conscious breath of hello is the recognition of a Divine memory of true presence that stabilizes this physical form and say to it, Hello…I remember.

10. …When you gaze at the gifts of the journey, the first gift of the physical body, the second gift of belief system, you begin to see the interweaving of all energy. All energy is interwoven.

11. Oneness is a gift that comes from the relinquishment of a belief system that is first attached to a physical body in a world of illusion.

12. As you know the word “Elohim”, as you know the word “angels”, as you know the word you may call “God”, as you know the word you might call “Divine”, as you know the word you might call “Ascended Masters”, we offer you this: Release all the words and simply allow the energy to be.

13. To even begin to touch the expansive magnitude of energy in your world in a manner that would feel comfortable to a brain of matter would be, at its smallest reduction, to consider every being in form as one aspect of Divine Energy and seeing every being, without exception, every being together as one harmony.

14. When you are able to float in your Divine energetic recognition, you begin to unfold the belief systems. Many, many, many in your world indeed have what you would call different, and we are careful to choose this word here, cosmic origin.

15. The different streams that refracted to have form here in your world reunify back to that one energy.

16. As you expand beyond the physical body and belief systems that experience the physical body, the next gift of your world is the perception of dogma or religion.

17. The perception of dogma or dogmatic traditions springs from the belief systems that are aligned with a body.

18. To release the need to hold a belief system, thereby freeing one to transcend a dogmatic system that teaches the need of delivery from. There is nothing to deliver from.

19. Healing and wholeness are the true aspect of your nature, and all that is unlike that is your call to anchor that gift within thee. How you do that is very unique in your world; is it not?

20. Through the practice of conscious breath and the freedom that understands that death is a concept born of a body seeking to preserve itself, then you are able to break free!

21. That many who would have not remembered their divine Presence, will remember it through the energy of repetition of a cycle. And this is a fourth gift, repetition.

22. In your world, the birth of karma was based upon the fourth gift of repetition. And so the karma energy bound you to this world because the fourth gift of the repetition.

23. To be free to lift through these four gifts (physical body, belief systems, dogmatic religious traditions, and repetitions) is what offers you what you call ascension.

24. You can only free your way through these cycles by the ignition of your heart energy in full recognition that every being in your world, and many others, is here to conspire for you to lift through these cycles.

25. Beloved Ones, many of you are Elohim in Divine forgetfulness. Many of you are masters who have come to this planet, not because you needed to, because you are already masters of lifting through the four gifts of the journey.

26. You came here intentionally to be present for those who would forget their way and those who were still mastering these gifts.

27. All…every being in your world, has a Divine stream of energy; a conduit, a portal, a means of cosmic connection that your heart can instantaneously bring you back through and to within one breath of conscious connection.

28. When you judge yourself, you repeat another cycle. And the gift is that you can repeat the cycle in a moment and be done with it and recognize, I do not need to repeat this again. I am done. I have been here, done that.

29. With every release of that energy (repetition), you lift even more, and you begin to hold the lack of need for repetition for the planet. It is your choice, Beloved Ones. It is why you came.

30. And so, Beloved Ones, the armor for you to wear is the armor of your heart, the armor of your truth, the tenacity of your Divine Presence living through the gifts, recognizing the gifts and celebrating that you are, indeed, living Es-see-nah, that you are indeed illuminated, and with every breath you take, with every step you take, you lift even more.

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