March Daily Reflections

It is truly my honor to give you the daily reflections this month from the 12 Lessons of Oneness. Commanding Your Diving Infinite Presence. Such a powerful message, with each sentence reading like a poem and nudging the heart open ever more. My only wish is that there were more than 31 days in March so I could have delivered all the wisdom this insoulment had to offer.

March Reflections are from the The 12 Lessons of Oneness

Message Eleven: Commanding Your Divine Infinite Presence

March 1

(There are) those who have been incarnated many, many, many, many times. Indeed, Beloved Ones, as you move forward now in your world, the time of Divine command of the mastery of your Infinite Presence is most imperative; is it not?

March 2

When you are able to command your Divine Infinite Presence, you are able to let go of the habit of what you would call a victim or savior mentality.

March 3

Beloved Children, in the energy of your world, in the Divine incarnation that you are in now as you have these great and glorious forms of physical bodies, the gift of your Divine presence is that in each and every breath, contained within the energy of your breath is the presence of your Divine soul.

March 4

This Divine soul is a great and extraordinary gift that comes forward through the release of doubt and the anchoring of a heart that says to the world, without ever saying a word, “I understand. I am. And I always will be.

March 5

You see, Beloved Ones, in the energy of the universe that has brought forward what you would call this Gaia experience, your feet get to walk, your eyes get to see, your hands get to touch, your skin breathes as your lungs breathe, your cells, your blood, your skin, your hair, all of you is a Divine component of the essence of the Divine Energy ever-pulsating, ever-swirling.

March 6

Beloved Ones, in your world, the Divine pulsation energy is often attuned to what many call vibrational frequency, the heartbeat of the universe, the heartbeat of the planet, a Divine “hum” as they say. Each soul signature, each Divine blessed being carries within their own pulsing heartbeat.

March 7

When all of these Divine pulsations come forward from an anchored heart center, it is there that you hear the harmony of the Universe and experience that harmony as you interact with all of these Divine pulsations, each in expression in your world now.

March 8

as all of these earth changes add to a collective harmony, the energy, or as some have defined it, the serpent of your world, or the kundalini of your world -- so many names have been given to this -- has moved and shifted around your planet.

March 9

Beloved Ones, it is in the pulsation of the energy in the connection with density in the veil of non-remembrance that a savior mentality was born. Because in that veil, the gift and, indeed, the resurrection is to remember that there is none that can save you from yourself.

March 10

To seek to be saved is to say that you will not command the truth of your universal presence.

March 11

In the seeking of saving, you open up thyself to projection.

March 12

Often you will understand that you are in a seeking mode when you feel a need to call protection around yourself because the outer self is the only self that could ever believe that you are not already Divinely, infinitely protected.

March 13

You are in all ways protected. You are in all ways in action of Divine perfection of the universe.

March 14

Your heart asks this question and already knows, the purpose of seeking is to remember the truth of your Divine empowerment, and you will seek until you have found.

March 15

And the gift is that this extraordinary world of pulsating vibrations and many heartbeats and harmonies, will hold you until you say, “Aha! I have done it. I remember. I Am. I am home. And now I stand in my presence freeing others so that they, too, may be in their presence.”

March 16

You see, Beloved Ones, how your physical body, how your heart, how your spirit, how your mind, how the full integrated presence of all that you are responds to the universal harmonies that have unveiled themselves now is the great gift calling you to say, “I am home right here, right now. I am Divinely guided, and all is truly in Divine order.

March 17

Allness and Oneness are not the same. In the Oneness, the Allness has found balance. In the Oneness, the Allness is revered as the expression of the Divine that has offered the gift of reunification.

March 18

To walk in Oneness is to smile with the recognition that all is well.

March 19

To be in Oneness with your heart, with your Divine mind, with the energy of your soul, is to jump up and down and dance often and say, “Whoo-hoo. The next step has come!”

March 20

The celebration of your experience is a gift of Divine clarity, for unless you can fully celebrate the gift of your experience, that Divine clarity will simply wait patiently until you can celebrate.

March 21

Divine clarity is where you recognize that you are, indeed, whole; that you are, indeed, ready; that you are, indeed, now here to move forward.

March 22

To ask the question of thyself, “What if? Should I? How can?” limits your experience. To lift up your heart and say, “I Am,” opens you to all experience because each is as you are and I Am.

March 23

Beloved Ones, as you express yourselves more in this moment, in this expanding journey of Divine conscious reunion, the Oneness energy is you, has always been what you call the You, and will always be.

March 24

There is no fear in freedom. And so to be truly free, you recognize that within you any fear is saying to you, “We encourage you to be free! We encourage you to be free!”

March 25

Sometimes the best way to walk through your fear is to dive deep into it, to really feel it, to understand and look at all of the things, and then to allow yourself the gift of Divine recognition that fear is an illusion created by an energy that is afraid of itself.

March 26

It is a gift when you allow your own freedom to be the precious gift of your heart, the precious gift of your presence, the precious gift of your being.

March 27

In a world where fear is a pervasive energy that would seek to interrupt you, it feeds, Beloved Ones, on the second energy, which is a very simple energy. It is known as doubt. When you take fear and you add doubt, oftentimes you breed anger.

March 28

The only doubt that exists is truly when you doubt the truth of your own mastery, of your own masterful presence.

March 29

You are. This cannot be taken from you unless you give it away through fear and doubt,which are an incredible powerful combination born in a world of density to offer you rich experience.

March 30

When you jump across the cavern and say, “I declare now: I understand and command the energy that has always been to work through me as a servant of the Most High, recognizing that everything I do, everything I say, everything I Am is a conduit of Love, a conduit of Light and of Highest Wisdom,” yet you must believe this of yourself, Beloved Ones, before you can command it.

March 31

Within your heart, Beloved Ones, carry the gift of your Divine soul, carry the gift of your Divine light, and recognize that Oneness is not anything that can be given to you.It is simply the memory of you.

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