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October 21, 2016
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October 24, 2016
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Ancient Mysteries of Tojil! : Crystalline Clarity and Radiant Abundance


Three-part extraordinary spiritual journey of expansion and divine connection. The gifts of Prosperity, Ease and Passion are yours to clia now!

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In conjunction with the Mayan Elders and the 
Ascended Masters, Sri & Kira have been asked 
to teach the Ancient Mysteries of Tojil!
These sacred steps that anchor the presence of Self-Ascension
assist us to regain true balance and restoration in our lives.
Through this mystical home study journey you will learn how to live
 with Crystalline Clairty as you call forth your Radiant Abundance.
The gifts of Prosperity, Ease and Passion
 are yours to claim now!  Discover the Wisdom of the ancient Maya.
For a minimal donation of only $22.00 claim
 your birthright of soul clarity and prosperity! Listen NOW to “2012 and the Mysteries of the Tojil”
Over 3 masterful hours of spiritual journey, invaluable practices,
immediately useful techniques, and divine connection! Complete audio recordings included All workshop materials included
Revisit the journey and review information anytime! click here to register now

The Mysteries of the Tojil! 
Crystalline Clarity: Radiant Abundance!

You are being called from the universe
to a new life from a new space.
It is time to Self-Ascend to your authentic self.
Now is the moment for YOUR own Sacred Reunion with the self.
Humanity has been living in a cycle of mind chatter. We analyze, scrutinize, mechanize;
we do our best to complicate just about everything. However, you simply will not
be able to think your way through the coming years and especially through the
energy of 2012. You are being called to a new life, a life that is
far beyond any form of mental creation. Your purpose is to walk
within a place of trust on the earth, rather than give up your power to someone
who has a perceived credential. We only need credentials when it comes to inventing
a machine within the mandates of our societal structures. Your highest degree,
you best credential is YOUR LIFE! You are an integral part of this amazing organism
that IS humanity.
An unprecedented journey that will free you from the drama,
ignite your passion with greater clarity and bring forth the
miracles and prosperity that are your birthright!
The blessing of the speeding up of time, the way we are navigating the planet,
the way we are co-creating; is that EVERYTHING is designed to assist you to remember
the truth of who you are while you still have a body. This is the essence of Self-Ascension
and the momentum that will propel you through this moment with miraculous abundance
and clarity if you learn the process. This is the powerful moment; the rare and
glorious opportunity for extraordinary spiritual expansion. We are at the moment
in time where each one of us gets to have clear vision again if we choose to do
so. When you start fully paying attention to everything that the universe is conspiring
to help you with, you stop thinking and you start accepting.
Throughout your three-class journey, Sri and Kira will reveal and teach:

  • How to accurately listen to your soul’s guidance
  • The difference between ego messages and divine guidance
  • How to interrupt pain-patterns quickly that prevent unilimited prosperity
  • How to apply Self-Ascension practices in your everyday experience for maximum
effect and miracle creation
  • The three mandatory steps to abundant living for 2012 and Beyond

Now is the moment!
Register now and allow the gift of this process to begin shifting your
life into Crystalline Clarity and Radiant Abundance TODAY!
Donation of $22.00 for registration

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