Ascended Sacred Sciences: REMEMBERING the 12 Cosmic Rays of Light


The Ascended Sacred Sciences: Attuning to the Energy of the Soul




An extraordinary 3-session journey

Prerequisite:  completion of  Secrets of Ascended Rudraksha Sacred Science: Mastery of the 7 Rays of Crystalline Light                    

(Click Here for the prerequisite class)

UNIQUE From the Mastery of the 7 Rays of Crystalline Light, the Ascended upliftment into the presence of the 12 rays of Cosmic Light is an energy experience that fully ignites Crystalline DNA and restores your Cosmic Presence in its entirety!
Within your heart is a knowing that there is a greater mystery that is ready for you to Ascend into…a Mastery presence that defies words and is carried deep within your soul…

A Oneness that unifies body, mind, spirit, soul!  This oneness transcends male/female, positive/negative as it lifts through the polarity.

It is a blessing that carries you beyond the form into the presence of the formlessness and back again.

This is a divine MYSTICAL journey…an energy activation and soul mastery attunement process.  (Much more than a “program”…this is a spiritual expansion that is highly personal.) 

Imagine your life as you claim the full presence of ALL 19 Rays of Cosmic Reunification through the blessing of REMEMBERING yourself as the 12 Rays of Cosmic Light!

Sri & Kira are honored to walk with you through this ancient mystical initiation as a beautiful Home Study experience! You will receive:

Three Fully Detailed PDF Workbooks

Three Comprehensive MP3 Audio

Charts of ALL the Integrated Rays

BONUS! 12 Meditations to dive deeply into the energy of each ray!

A profound experience that includes a Culmination Video of the Cosmic Eye Crystal!

After the divine experience and the blessing of birthing the energy of the Cosmic Blue Shiva we are without words as we welcome you to this journey.

May the many gifts that are pouring through the vast dimensional portals on our planet bring forward divine support for your Ascended Presence as the Divine in form! 

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