Ascension & the 7 Polarities of FreeWill



Discover how the Seven Polarities of FreeWill are affecting your life now!

“I want to thank you for such a great tele-conference. I learned so much in those two sessions. An hour goes by so fast and I yearned to hear more from you.  I do hope you will offer something like this again in the future as we all go forward. Thank you again for taking the time to teach all of us how to step in and stay in the 5 dimension.”

“The 7 polarities of free will tele-class was great!  Filling up the chart and seeing clearly the 7 years ahead with their forces of destruction and density energies, and their polar opposites, the ascended energies and co-creative forces,  has put things in perspective for me and helped define the areas in my life where I needed to pour more love and light.  So Thank you again for your precious guidance”

Sri and Kira are passionate about this information which includes a FULLY DETAILED CHART of the 7 Polarities of FreeWill and how they affect your chakras and the years 2015-2022!  This is valuable information for every year of the seven year ascension opening.

Register for this extraordinary homestudy program and receive everything for only $22!

Your Shakti exchange includes:

  • 2 Fully detailed PDF workbooks

  • 2 Audio teaching segments that include immediately applicable techniques you can use over and over again

    (Please note that the recording of the first live class has some ‘choppiness” due to the high energy.  Please download the audio and listen it twice!  It is indeed powerful and worth your patience.)

  • Full Color PDF of the Pyramid of Spiritual Awakening

This is the foundation of the times we are in and a valuable gift to yourself and others!

“Love and gratitude for this powerful information.  Your energies were so clear and high .. so much was sent and so much was received.  A gift!”

”Thank YOU so much for bringing this class forward.  I have gained so much and understand now how to better co-create the life I want!  I have discovered the ways in which I was sabotaging myself and allowing outside influences determine my life.  Thank you for showing me the way back to TRUST, in myself and in the universe.  It’s time to live my greatest life ever and to create the miracles I have dreamed of.”

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