Distance Healing with Sri Ram Kaa


Powerful Distance Healing with Audio Consultation


Are you experiencing physical pain or discomfort?
Has an illness manifested that you are now ready to understand and release?
Would you like to understand the energetic underpinnings of your physical and emotional discomforts?

As a Avesa Master Healer and Medical Intuitive, Sri can assist a willing client to quickly shift pain and confusion and move into a centered, soul connected space. These healing sessions are offered remotely and are highly effective for restoring balance to the physical body.
Possible Topics include:
Living from the “Higher” Self
Releasing fears and phobias
Healing disease
Healing abuse history
Resolving grief
Opening dormant talents
Resolving the influence of past life dogma and soul contracts
Discovering ways to move forward
Distance sessions are conducted at night while the client is sleeping and more available for energetic contact. A detailed follow-up recording by Sri is sent to the client the next day. The recording is approximately 20-minutes and contains intuitive perspectives, session feedback and practical suggestions for moving forward.
You will be sent a detailed “Client Intake Form” where you can describe your symptoms, questions and healing goals. These issues will be addressed during the healing session and in the audio commentary that Sri sends you the following day.

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