Dowsing and Crystal Wand Usage



Welcome to a wondrous opportunity to re-align with your Authentic knowing and healing ability. 
Know that the gift you are choosing to receive has been patiently waiting for you! Congratulations for knowing  that you are ready!

Learn the proper way to use a pendulum. Recognize common errors and how to correct them. Gain valuable insights and ancient wisdom as you experience the many gifts and benefits of using crystal wands!

The extraordinary program created by Angelic Oracle Kira Raa assists you to quickly and easily learn the ADVANCED techniques for accurate dowsing with pendulums and the use of Crystal wands as Ascended healing tools!

* Quickly Re-align your energy field with your divine nature for accuracy

*Empower your intuition with greater accuracy

* Accurately recieve answers for you, your family, your pets, anyone!

*Learn the ancient techniques that resonate with your Ascended presence for expanded vision and insight

*Discover the healing potency that can be transmitted through your pendulum for highest service

This program offers you FULL CERTIFICATION so you can assist others to discover their greater clarity!

***Tuition for all courses is non-refundable. No cancellation or transfers for digital, online home study courses.

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