What is the Self-Ascended Chakra System?

Chakras are traditionally recognized as seven energy centers located along the spine. Each is associated with a specific color and most often experienced as an orbital energy radiating from the body. This traditional system of viewing the energy of the body has served humanity for millennia.
The energy channels that are supported by our chakras are a foundation for the experience of our lives. When they are out of balance we are often in distress and find challenges in creating the life we want. Similarly, when we are in balance, we discover harmony with greater ease.
The years 2015-2022 are the “Ascension Escalator” for humanity. This energetic portal reminds us that we are now at the moment of Self-Ascension. Due to this powerful energetic shift, our chakras are transforming!
The Self-Ascended Chakra Portrait, (above), depicts our chakras in the Self-Ascended state. The picture shows the chakras centered within the Golden Merkabah of our energy body that is also raised into a higher vibrational state. This Merkabah aligns with the Golden Mean ratio or higher aspect pyramidal form and radiates a golden energy.
As we each claim this ascended energy into our lives, we lift into the ascended state spiritually, emotionally and physically. The chakras ascend with us and transform from a spinning orbital energy into a figure-8 flow of balanced energy.
Similar to the traditional chakra system, Self-Ascended energies are located within the physical body at the same locations. However, it is most important to note that Self-Ascension energy is experienced as the balanced swirling spiral of the infinite.
This shift is tangible. It can be felt as it assists the body to stabilize at the heart center as the unified root center of the Self-Ascended state of being.
You will also notice that beginning with the fourth or heart chakra, (counting from the bottom up), two infinite spirals are intersecting. This represents the cosmic energy integrating with the physical body at the heart center. The heart is the foundation!
Often when one first ignites their heart center as a “new foundation”, it may be momentarily experienced as de-stabilizing. After all, for millennia, humanity has been instructed to send energy through our foundation at the 1st chakra into the earth.
Remember that the first three chakras are associated with worldly preoccupations such as safety, sexuality and power. Your Self-Ascension begins as the worldly preoccupations soften in their influence over you.
Our planet is lifting quickly into higher vibrational states and we are being asked to lift with her. To do this requires us to re-anchor our center as the divine heart! This allows us to empower true passionate action in form. The heart becomes our point of interaction with the outer world.
As we lift up from the heart center, notice that the double infinite intersection does not exist at the throat , (fifth chakra). This is a significant shift, for once anchored within the Self-Ascended state, words become unnecessary.
The throat transcends and becomes the Truth Chakra. Through this beloved shift we are able to fully call forth the Divine integration of the heart and the mind without the interference or separation of language. We flourish as universal citizens no longer bound by limitation!
The Self-Ascended Chakra system is empowered by the heart and culminates with full illumination just above the crown chakra, (top of head). This is the Lotus or eighth chakra; the energy of union expressed through loving trust in Universal inspiration. It is the halo so often viewed in ancient depictions of saints.
When our Self-Ascended Chakra system is fully illuminated it opens the Golden Spiral of Divine Connection that “fuels” our Ascended Merkabah. This gateway opens our divine nature to effortlessly experience the inter-dimensional fullness of enlightenment and assists us to maintain peace, love and joy in our worldly lives.
Living among the distractions of worldly affairs we must remember that we alone are responsible for assisting our chakras to stay in the bliss state. Relax now and connect with this beautiful animation of the Self-Ascension Chakra portrait and experience the ignition.