Terra Nostra Community

Imagine pure air with zero noise pollution…not even airplanes! Drinking pure water bubbling from the earth and pouring into every faucet and shower from our 300Ft. deep crystalline well! These two gifts literally begin ascending your DNA and are tangible support for living the full fifth dimensional experience that is the Terra Nostra Community in Jose Ignacio, Uruguay.

When you combine the pristine energy with over 50 acres of streams, lakes and Eucalyptus forests, (that waft their aroma in the breezes), it truly adds to the almost surreal beauty. Each sunset seems to be more magnificent as situated amongst the lovely countryside, 50 acres feels like 5000.

At Terra Nostra we recognize that our lives are interdependent with all life. Therefore we bring mindfulness to sustainability and harmony. We produce our own electrical power, drink the pure water from deep within the crystalline rocks on our land and we grow a large amount of our organic food. We also recycle, compost and support local farmers and artisans. Living in healthy harmony with our natural environment honors the flow of the seasons and natural cycles.

We recognize that living a conscious life requires that we live responsibly. This means honoring our social needs as well as our physical and spiritual needs. The community schedule is designed to provide structures that support autonomy as well as respect our social interdependence.

Honoring the path of Self-Ascension ignites the recognition that every Soul is a sacred partner and humans are not alone in the universe. We recognize our experience is not limited to the earth alone and we enjoy inter-dimensional contact that comes with expanded consciousness.

As the Earth has twinned and the two earths have begun to anchor through the opening of the Ascension gateway of 2015-2022, it is the TIME to IGNITE THE ASCENDED HEART! To accomplish this without any interference only pristine land, water and air can sustain this frequency on a daily basis. Here at Terra Nostra everyone who visits can restore themselves, literally BATHE in the crystalline energy and walk the land as they discover the sacred energy that calls to them.

Terra Nostra supports the Essenah to flourish once more. To live here or to visit the energy of the living Essenah is a literal breath of fresh air. Our beloved visitors leave with a newfound glow in the heart and eyes, and tangible shift in their health and vitality and worldview. Each beloved returns home carrying the spiritual healing power of Terra Nostra Essenah within their heart and this gift keeps on giving.

It would be difficult to list all of the delights we keep discovering as community and a family of supportive spiritual beings. And we pray that through this small sharing you have touched this energy through our words.The Essenah are the ascended community that was known as the Essene during the lifetime of Jesus. Many claim that Jesus himself spent many years with the Essene prior to his public life.

What we know and are honored to live each day, is the GIFT of this energy pouring through us, guiding us, and forever reminding us all of the joy of being alive in this moment…right now.The chaos and challenges ARE THE ILLUSION. Until you have the blessing of joining us here is person, may you feel us reach out to you with all our heart and appreciation. To learn more, Click here (www.TerraNostraRetreat.com)