Universal Messages of Wisdom: Lesson 08

A guide to unlocking the keys of wisdom contained in all insoulments. A special gift from the Unified Stream of the Crystallin Brethren

Important Note of Introduction:

The timely arrival of this very special Insoulment offers a profound glimpse into the ever-­‐present love that is held for all sentient beings on the journey of expansion. While all Insoulments to date have been delivered live through Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa and later transcribed, this particular Insoulment was clearly instructed to be delivered as a written text as explained within the contents.

Kira Raa was physically unable to deliver this message in any other form. She found herself unable to speak or move from the computer keyboard until the entirety of the message was delivered through her hands!

This is a PRIMER to ALL Archangelic Insoulments that have ever been gifted and for all to follow! This is a timeless gift that you will read when you are ready to step into a greater expansion of your divine self.

You are encouraged to read, re-­‐read and digest this message. Then, gift yourself with visiting the Self-­‐Ascension library of messages and allow your guidance to decide which message is yours to decode and fully integrate.

This primer allows the full miracle of Self-­‐Ascension to expand exponentially through you, with you and as you. May your journey of self-­‐discovery be extraordinary!

With GREAT love and presence,

Sri and Kira