Upcoming Live Classes, Spiritual Journeys that Uplift!
Extraordinary classes in person or on the phone! Join Sri & Kira in as they facilitate your deeper understanding and experience of Ascended Energy!
Every Live Class also offers you the opportunity to interact and ask your questions in real time!

Discover Our Cosmic Origins!

Angel shaped nebula

We are at the time of GREAT chaos and OPPORTUNITY

What happens when we free our minds from self-imposed limitations and conventional beliefs? Then we open to the unlimited stream of consciousness from the universe? ...deeper levels of Truth are revealed... IT IS YOUR MOMENT. JOIN SRI & KIRA IN ECUADOR AT TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY:

Save the dates: June 20th to 25th with optional extensions for plant medicine journeys or personal healing sessions.

Revealed: the legacy of galactic visitors on earth Learn more by Clicking Here