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Ascension Mastery

We are at the time of GREAT chaos and OPPORTUNITY

What happens when we allow ourselves to finally accept our divine nature? When we free our minds from self-imposed limitation and open to the unlimited stream of consciousness from the universe? What happens then…? WE SELF-ASCEND! IT IS YOUR MOMENT. JOIN SRI & KIRA IN ECUADOR AT TOSA BLUE MOUNTAIN SANCTUARY, JULY 2-5, 2018 LIVE YOUR ASCENDED MASTERY! Live the Lessons of Unification and call forward the unified presence of your soul with your body of form… The exquisite space where pain is forgotten and your dreams remembered. From that space the Master arises and the creation begins…again! BETWEEN DIMENSIONS: LIVING ASCENDED MASTERY

This program combines the wisdom of three powerful programs into one mastery experience! Ascended Numerology, Cosmic Life Regression, and Quantum Clairvoyance are woven together as a harmonic upliftment that ignites your Mastery as the cosmic soul awakens Each program opens dormant capacities and soul recognitions. These three programs, once unified and integrated, ignite a treasure trove of cosmic memories that offer clarity and insight.

Experience firsthand the mastery secrets, that when unified, unlock the key to your ascended presence. Mastering the sciences of Avesa Quantum Vision™ is a gift you give to yourself, your family, your community, and to your world.

This power-filled program is taught personally by Sri & Kira and is an immersion experience that will expand your paradigm. Discover first hand the Joy of ascended living and the peaceful empowerment that signals awakened mastery. Program attendance is limited to insure maximum attention for each participant. If we receive your registration after we are full we will immediately refund your deposit and place you on a wait list.

Note: This program does have as a Pre-requisite the Quantum Clairvoyance home study program. By completing Quantum Clairvoyance before coming to TOSA Blue Mountain you will have set the stage for your expanded Mastery. This powerful home study course is FREE With enrollment and will be sent to you with your registration!

All Inclusive Shakti Exchange of only $750 includes your hotel for 5 nights, all meals, program tuition and materials, transportation from hotel to TOSA Blue Mountain Sanctuary and other fun surprises.

Click Here to Register and learn more: https://selfascension.com/product/between-dimensions-living-ascended-mastery/
Detailed day-by-day information along with payment and travel details are found in this document: Between Dimensions Program y Shakti Exchange

This event is fully booked. You may join the waitlist by emailing our office.