June Weekly Practices

As you allow yourself to step into the flow of these simple yet powerful practices, notice how each invites a deepening of connection with your divine nature and an infinite opening for ever greater discovery of the many facets of the truth of who YOU are! Nourish yourself in all-ways!

From: Twelve Lessons of Oneness

Week 1

Fall in love with green and all of its aspects; “Green food, green drink, green clothing. Green, green, green.
Put your feet in grass. Touch leaves. Be present. Breathe more often. And we encourage you to pay attention to how you nourish your body and to flood yourself with great water…” .

Week 2

Keep your eyes on the Divine at ALL times. “Pay attention to what holds your attention, and then invite yourself to ask, Are my eyes on the Divine?” Then remember “I AM (breathe) Divine. I AM (breathe) Always, Always, Always, All-Ways in Divine Communion.” See the Divine in All communication, community and communion.

Week 3

Daily Blessing practice “A moment, a daily moment of conscious connection to the energetic blessings that are pouring forward to you in all experience, will connect your Divine DNA into a stream of Universal component, where you will receive a greater conduit of clear stream, of what you would call wisdom, clarity, recognition, and understanding.”

Week 4

Mantra of Self Ascension I AM Here. I AM Ready. I AM Open. Guide Me.

Week 5

I AM Affirmations of Wholeness and Joy In the recognition, in the letting go of I AM as a personalized energy, you open to the I AM of the Universal conduit of Divine energy. Take a moment, take a breath if you like and affirm…I AM (breathe)…and then pay attention to what comes after that.