March Weekly Practices

Week 1

Messages of Manifestation ~ Message Two ~ Clarity and Availability

The Society of Crystalline Light speak:

I am here. Yes, for we hear this often. I am here. I am here. I am here! We do this with our hands so that you can wipe away that which would be less than clear. To say, “I am here” is to say “I am available and I am present and I am clear.”

“I am here” is “I am clear!”
To clear is to be available
And to be available is to be clear.
Without clarity, availability cannot exist.

Week 2

Messages of Manifestation ~ Message Seven ~ “The Mastery Process”

Energetic Greeting

We offer our hands to thee this way and invite you to greet us in same. Begin by holding your hands so that they form almost a pyramid. Allowing the thumbs to extend, bringing the hands up toward your third eye. Bringing them up, touch the head, and then release them around. So it is Up, touch the head, and around.

As we do this, and as you do this, it is a greeting of simple love, a greeting of simple remembrance. Touching, up, around, together. Touching, up, around, together.

Week 3

Divine Illuminations ~ Message Eleven ~ “The Clarity of Willingness”

When you gaze into the palms of you hands, and we encourage you to bring your hands up in front of your eyes now, to bring the hands in front of the eyes, and gaze, as you can, into the centers of the hands. So often we have brought you here, (to the center of the palms of the hands), because in the centers of the hands are divine portals of crystalline clear light.

This is why in your world the terminology or the understanding or the recognition of healing hands, hands of light, hands of healing has become so widespread and popular and recognized.

And while it is gaining momentum now, to conjoin the breath of the body, the breath of the physical body, which oxygenates and increases the crystalline cellular structures of all of the body – deep breath – and to direct this breath through the arms into the centers of the hands.

And as you have the hands up in front of you, to feel that breath come straight out of the center of the hands and straight back into you forming a circular glow of crystalline clear resistance removal, crystalline clear resistance removal.

Do you feel congested?
Do you feel confused?
Do you feel worried?
Do you feel these anchor pockets of resistance energy that have come in through thee?
Then ignite. Ignite. Ignite.

Bring the hands up before thyself. Feel the breath of the body.

Wave it through the arms, out through the center of the palms back into the body
and feel thyself washing out all energies.

And then take the hands, after you have created this flow several times, and start at the top of the head, the very top of the head, and feel yourself washing the entire body as if a crystalline waterfall of energy comes through thee.

You many feel shaking, you may feel quaking, you may get chills, you may feel hot, you may feel cold. You may all of a sudden find and/or discover that the physical brain is trying to chitter-chatter. It is okay.

Watch the energy field remove the resistance, and with it, the willingness of the resistance finds no more anchor points within thee, and only the crystalline light energy can meet your willingness.

Week 4

Living in the Fifth Dimension ~ Message Six ~ “Anchorship”

Archangelic Metatronian Preparation Breathing Exercise:

1. Take your hands and place one on the front of your solar plexus and the other on the back of your head at the occipital spot, (bottom of head just above the neck).

2. Sit up as straight as you can, let your spine be as straight as you can.

3. Begin to really flex your “butt” muscles 3-4 times and open up that energy center.

4. The breath is going to go up the spine and out the crown, so you are basically holding straight this portal of clear energy.

5. Breathe in deeply drawing the breath up the entire spine and out the crown.

6. When you exhale, do so with sound, and continue to fully exhale as long as you can so that all breath is released.

7. Repeat the entire process several times.

8. Complete by relaxing the hand onto your lap, palms up and by enjoying some deep cleansing breaths.

Week 5

Living in the Fifth Dimension – Message Eight ~ “Escalation, Entrapment & Dimensional Dementia”

Practicing the New Language

It is a good practice to practice, and so we offer you a practice. You will need yourself and you will need a mirror. Often times you can do without the mirror once you practice a few times with the mirror.

Simply sit with the mirror and gaze directly into your eyes. Try not blink and simply gaze deep into the eyes until you are able to connect with the soul energy and let it gaze back at you. Notice what judgments come up, what thoughts may come up, and do not judge the judgments. OK you sit in front of mirror and may say, “Why am I doing this” I do not know. How come?” You may say many things. OK say them, let them go. Yet continue to practice until you are able to call forth the truth of your own soul energy. It is then that you do not need the mirror any more. You can simply take yourself into this place of complete understanding and that which you seek to hear in this moment, you are already calling forth in your knowing.

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