April Weekly Practices

Week 1

The conscious breath of hello

From The Lost Books of the Essene, Message Eight.

What this reveals to you is that through conscious breath as a beginning, when you take a deep, conscious breath, you send a hello signal to your body rather than a, This is what you need to live signal, to the body.

Take in a breath and feel hello…hello…hello.

The autopilot, a word you would use, of a breath is a non-conscious activity of the vessel. Your vessel will always take care of itself.

The conscious breath of hello is the recognition of a Divine memory of true presence that stabilizes this physical form and says to it, Hello…I remember.

And you know now. And as you offer this stabilizing breath to this gift of form, you begin to also release, relax, and allow the belief structure that supports a density only experience to simply unwind spaciously without great drama-trauma.

Week 2

The Es-see-nah Practice of 17

From The Lost Books of the Essene, Message Seven.

We invite you to bring hand on heart, if so desire, and with your hand on heart, you may wish to close eyes and we are simply counting seventeen. And as we count seventeen, visualize your life where every word said to you, every word said from you, supports love in all of its expressions.

Here we go. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9…10…11…12…13…14…15…16…17.

How were those 17? Yes. And if your mind sought to control the seventeen, then you smile, knowing you can always do it again.

And to the end with the breath of Es-see-nah will reconnect you to the ancient temples of wisdom that exist within you…will reveal the books of knowledge you are ready to bring forward again, will bring forward the gift of Divine intuition without doubt. Seventeen, Beloved Ones, is all it takes, 17 conscious breaths. You can do this yourself.

You may want to get 17 little beads on a string…17 little beads on string. You may want to wear them on your wrist or carry them with you, and you breathe each bead, as with each bead you feel.

Week 3

Transcending the Planetary Soup of Thought

From The Lost Books of the Essene, Message Four.

Beloved Ones, as we come to you as the brethren of Es-see-nah, it is important to understand that true mastery comes when you can transcend your participation in planetary soup of thoughts. You are exposed to the planetary soup of thoughts constantly. You are here. Imagine it as water around you. Every though of every being is here has brought forth and birthed and co-creative energy that us abundant on your planet right now. If you were to offer that energy one word, you already know the word it would be. It is fear.

There may an illusion of hope; however, the transcendent energy that is most prevalent on your planet is fear which has birthed a momentum of a need for hope. And when you can understand that this energy seeks to encapsulate you, then you become the, we shall use the word “slave”, of the mind.

Beloved Ones, in a world of planetary thought soup, how do you move through that? One way is to pay attention to your feelings associated with the thoughts that have been birthed from the mind.

When you can bring forth a thought based upon a heart anchored in the recognition of cosmic origin and Divine service in body, you instantaneously, like a beautiful bird, fly through the planetary thought soup and enter into magnitude of cosmic connection. You open portal that says, “I do not have to be affected by this.

Week 4

The Living Ankh Practice

From “2012: You Have a Choice! Archangelic Answers And Practices For The Quantum Leap”, by Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, pp.129-131.

This practice is done in two steps. It is important that you first run the energy up your feet and out of the top of your head and then through your hands. Begin by standing. Visualize a white ray of light coming into your left foot and up the left leg and visualize a golden ray of light coming in your right foot and up the right leg. These rays meet at the base of your spine where they intertwine at each of the traditional chakras. The intertwining will give you the visual effect of a figure-eight at each chakra. Send this blended energy stream all the way up and out the crown.

After you have established this energy flow from the feet up, then call in an emerald beam from the universe right into your heart chakra. Extend your arms to each side and send the energy out each arm and then through each palm chakra.

See this green energy blend with the golden/white spiral and then ask it to flow out your palms. Extend your hands outward, and call in ever-greater flow as you are able.

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