Our greatest blessing is to offer the gift of Universal Spirituality know as “Self-Ascension”. Simply stated, it is the recognition that all Beings have the full nature of the sacred inside themselves and the ability to live a life of abundance through this gift. We recognize that dogmatic traditions are a supportive starting point that assist to bring the spiritual seeker to that glorious moment where the journey must transcend the dogma and become a Direct Mystical Experience. Self-Ascension is the recognition that you already have everything you need inside your heart to reconnect.
Have you ever asked for a moment of Peace?
Peace in your daily life, in the lives of those around you, and on a global scale is your birthright! Living that Peace within a fear-based paradigm is what presents the challenge.
Your Divine Connection lovingly places everything in perspective and lifts the soul into bliss regardless of what the external world may present. Archangel Zadkiel shares this gift so beautifully:

"The state of integrated successful spiritual living is known simply as: Self-Ascension."

Self-Ascension is a gift we give ourselves by embracing our Authentic Peace, Love and Joy. Self-Ascension transcends the habit and belief that Peace, Love and Joy are emotions. They are a way of life, an Authentic pathway attained through the navigation of Four simple steps.




Release Judgement


Unconditional Love


Be in Union
The process of Conscious Awakening is a commitment you make to yourself. All of the products and classes available at this web site are designed to support your upliftment. We are a non-profit organization and all revenue is dedicated to expanding our mission of facilitating the awakening and ascension of humanity