As the vibratory rate of our planetary environment continues to lift through the Ascension energies of 2015-2022, for those who choose, it is becomming ever easier to connect with Archangelic Guidance.
As this gift of ascended presence rises, so also is polarity. The twinning energies of the Third and Fifth dimension are ever present and in contrast. Therefore it is now more important than ever to continue to choose soul-based living over the fear-based “reality” of the ego of density.
This choice is essential in these times.
One of the first gifts that Archangel Zadkiel gave to Sri & Kira was the simple, non-dogmatic “Mantra of Self-Ascension”.
This truly powerful mantra helps you consciously affirm Divine connection over worldly distraction anytime you choose. Consisting of merely four intentional lines, each is a declaration that empowers your soul to come forward.
We invite you to first bring a hand to your heart and then breathe deeply to center yourself. Repeat the Mantra out loud and often.
As you vocalize the Mantra of Self-Ascension, you will notice a shift in your energy field. It is useful to repeat the Mantra several times or to gift yourself with the use of a Rudraksha mala of 108 beads to fully center the ascended presence within. Whatever you chose, simply breathing into your heart and relaxing as you ingite the energy of the Mantra to align your consciousness with your soul with ignite your Ascended wisdom.
The Mantra of Self-Ascension is a spiritual gift. In its simplicity is the embodiment of your I AM presence and the alignment with Divine Wisdom. With regular use you will discover a deeper sense of clarity and purpose through your life experience!
We recommend that you use the Mantra often each day.
There is also great energetic power when the Mantra is sung and we invite you to bring forward your song of the Mantra. If you would enjoy sharing it with us we are happy to share it with others.