Through her two near-death experiences, (1989 & 2002), Angelic Oracle Kira Raa was instructed by the Ascended Masters how to literally leave her physical body through the ancient mystical process of Angelic Insoulment. This gift invites the presence of the Archangelic Realm to fully animate her physical vessel and animate her body offering tangible energetic and verbal Revelations to all who attend a session.

First-hand witnesses of this extraordinary experience recognize that this mystical process is “far beyond channeling.” There is an extraordinary FULL PRESENCE ENERGY pouring through Kira Raa during an In-soulment session that one knows without any doubt they are in the presence of a Divine connection. Because Kira is literally “not there”, the material delivered through the Insoulment process is 100% free from egoic distortions and personal interpretations. It is filled with pure Love and Empowerment that is tangibly experienced on all levels.
During the process, Kira’s eyes rarely blink as they emanate a powerful Healing energy. Witnesses are encouraged to meet this loving gaze as Crystalline light frequencies and PURE LOVE streams through her to the audience.

Those who attend live Insoulments frequently experience spontaneous healing of the body, mind and spirit. It is not uncommon for those in the front rows to enjoy a beautiful glow on their skin from the extraordinary energy that pours out from Kira’s eyes. Those who have had this experience refer to it fondly referred to as “Archangelic sunburn”.
Archangel Zadkiel is Kira Raa’s primary ‘gatekeeper’. Zadkiel is one of the angels that holds the purity of the divine for other angels. Archangel Zadkiel is associtated with various qualities. The consistent story surrounding Zadkiel is that it was he who held back the hand of Abraham from sacrificing his only son, Isaac. He is also lauded as the Archangel that led the Israelites out of Egypt. His dispensation is that of the divine light of the liberator. It is the energy of deep connection with God through devotional prayer, and the acceptance of equality and justice for all.

The Violet Flame is also associated with Archangel Zadkiel, along with the Amethyst Crystal. The Violet Flame and the Amethyst invoke the light of purification through mercy, compassion, forgiveness and freedom. It is Zadkiel that guards the portal of energy that enters Kira Raa’s body. This assures that only the highest frequencies of Light are allowed to enter. Unlike some channeled communications, Insoulment always prevents ghosts, astral entities, or any lower frequency beings to enter.
Archangelic Insoulment as instructed by the Ascended Masters is an ancient mystical practice that Kira Raa mastered many lifetimes ago and had a sacred agreement to return to this planet at this moment.
The Insoulment process is supported by the presence and gifted energies of Kira’s beloved, Sri Ram Kaa. In divine sacred union, he holds open Kira’s soul connection with present time so that she can return safely to her body after the Angelic communication is complete. This is possible because Sri & Kira are Union souls. (One soul occupying two bodies.) When the Archangelic Insoulment process is completed, Sri Ram Kaa lovingly revives Kira Raa and assists to anchor her back into her individual vessel, (body).

Once you experience the extraordinary gift of an Archangelic Insoulment, your heart will immediately connect with this loving selfless service offered by Sri & Kira. The energy of these transmissions is so tangible that you will experience the energy equally at a live Insoulment, view a video, or read a PDF.