Your Self-Ascension Classroom: Time to Explore!

We honor andrespect your journey. Self-Ascension unifies sacred mystical traditions and invites us to remember that as we evolve, eventually we all become the mystics.Self-Ascension ignites the blessing that arises from integratingthe energies of Yoga, Prayer, Self-Inquiry, and the wisdom of the ages. These gifts are woven into the tapestry of recognition that you are a divine being HAVING an earthly experience. It is a fast-track process to the Ascended presence known as Enlightenment.

The Self-Ascension classroom offers both live and home-study programs. Uniquely powerful and highly effective, these lessons assist you to claim your Mastery and live an abundant life filled with Peace, Love and Joy.

Our lessons and practices are universal and offer support for people of “all faiths and traditions”. Self-Ascension respects that each life is a ‘classroom’, and your journey of awakening is as individual as you are!

You have arrived at here because your Soul is guiding your curiosity! Welcome to your path of Self Ascension. Relax and explore the site!

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There comes a moment when you know you are ready for more! When your heart opens to the greater potentiality and the recognition that things are changing…rapidly! For over 13 years, Sri & Kira have offered extraordinary insights into these shifts for 1000’s of people. As you connect with the vast library of free information and practices offered at this website, you may discover the depth of your deeper call to oneness. That is when it is time to expand your consciousness and to make a direct connection with Sri & Kira!

The Mantra of Self-Ascension

The Mantra of Self-Ascension A gift of love to the world

by Archangel Zadkiel