High Aspect Ratio Energized Glass Pyramids


Enjoy the coherent energy of the 5-inch tall pyramid as it neutralizes offensive electronic transmissions


Imagine the energy of the cosmic universe so beautifully present in your home, sacred space, office or just about anywhere!

These PURE GLASS CRYSTAL pyramids are beautiful while simultaneously offering a tangible high frequency to the room in which they are displayed. Created according to exacting guidelines of the Ascended High Aspect Ratio, this assist you to connect with the Vaastu principles of energy science.  Carrying the vibrational frequency of PURE LOVE and JOY, they are also very useful for a healing room environment.

To energize any object  you can either place them directly on the pyramid, (as in the photo displaying the Bracelet of Divine Healing), or you can place objects either above or below the pyramid in the Active Zone.

The active zone is demonstrated in the chart.  The passive zone is the energy radiation that emits a soothing and healing vibration into the entire room.  When used properly, your pyarmid will serve you with maximum energetic benefit for many years.

For those who have extreme EMF sensitivity, placing a pyramid on either side of your computer is a powerful way to minimize effects and offer a soothing energy as you interact with electronics.

For healing work and soothing energy, enjoy either the  5 inch energized glass pyramid. Easy to hold and work with, they also offer a lovely resting place for your sacred wearable art overnight or anytime!

All pyramids arrive and packaged in a beautiful satin-lined gift box.

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