Kira Raa Pendulum



Much more than a dowsing tool! This precious gift will also clear chakra imbalances and align energy! It is extremely effective when used over chakra points or other areas needing clearing or balancing. You will want to carry it with you! Larger than most traditional pendulums, it measures approximately 2.5 inches total in length. Its powerful capacity to generate healing frequencies supports Ascended vibrations. Beautifully finished silver cap with stunning genuine Hessonite/garnet focal bead and set with a Masters 12 point faceted base of pure clear , (and hand selected), Himalyan Quartz crystal. Arrives in a lovely soft pouch for presentation as a gift or to easily tuck into your pocket/purse/bag.

Crystal: A powerful clearing transmitter…bringing the energy of the Stars into Soul/Clarity/Amplification
Silver: Enhances other stones & connects the Physical with the Universal, enhances immune system
Hessonite/Garnet: Stone of health, Extracts negative energy & Transmutes it for only positive

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