Ascended Numerology: Unlocking the Master Soul Code



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Imagine unlocking the inner wisdom contained within the code of your soul!

What would it reveal to you?
What would it confirm?
What would you do with this
extraordinary information and insight?

Let go of everything you ever thought you knew about numerology, birth dates and astrology, as you open the door to the
Ancient Mystical blessing of Ascended Numerology!

The “Master Soul Code” is scientifically derived by following a specific mathematical sequence that is derived from your client’s exact date of birth and other factors that are unique to that person.  These Ascended Numerology influences are charted and can be resolved into a Master Soul Code that on its own will reveal latent abilities and soul qualities for the client.  Understanding one’s Master Soul Code can be very useful in making life decisions.

Stunningly accurate and easy to learn, the coded sequences of the Ancient Essene brethren are finally available for you to access in the comfort of your own home!

Ascended Numerology is a totally unique system of working with the mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives.  An ancient system for our modern moment.

Lost when the library at Alexandria was burned, this arcane system of knowledge was replaced with an earthbound alignment of numbers as revealed through Pythagoras. This was expanded upon by other astrologers of various origins for many millennia. While these systems have served humanity for several millennia, the greater ascension energy that is now present upon our planet has called out to expand the wisdom of all beings of divine love!

Ascended Numerology offers you great keys and sequences that have not been previously available to be taught

The lost sequences and interpretations of the meaning of these numbers apply to literally everything!  Your birth name, your birthplace, your birth date, specific life events and so much more: you can literally apply the codes to just about everything.

Useful as a stand-alone resource or in harmony with other alternative practices, (Cosmic life regression, Avesa Medical Intuitive, Avesa Balancing, Reiki, massage or more), this process will assist you to reveal extraordinary insights and guidance to enhance all aspects of the life experience.

Used as a guideline for success by Sri and Kira for many years, Ascended Numerology offers complete spiritual freedom while opening the gateway to self-trust and divine guidance from within.

Rather than a process that invites you to become dependent upon alignments or specific events, Ascended Numerology FREES YOU to completely reveal your innermost sanctuary.  Your unique Code of the Soul!

Through this FULL CERTIFICATION program you will learn:

  • The power of your name and its spelling and how it affects the energy of your destiny. Bonus! Special section on birth names vs married and spiritual names!
  • How to select or confirm optimum dates for marriage, moves, career, vacations, surgical procedures and more.
  • Learn how to offer unique and insightful readings for others
    • Including a complete Ascended Numerology Code of the Soul Map reading and chart.  Charts included with  your course materials!
  • Enhance your ability to coach/counsel family, friends and clients
  • Completely understand this extensive yet easy to learn system and how to apply this ancient knowledge effectively for all:
    • Spiritual aspects
    • Physical aspects
    • Learning and/or mental aspects

Taught by both Sri and Kira during a six session home-study program including:

  • Full course materials via printable PDF for each class, including
    • Detailed Ascended Numerology code charts
    • Complete explanations for all numbers and sequences
    • Ascended Numerology Code of the Soul Map
    • How to apply this system to alphabets of all languages
    • Step-by-step instructions for application of the process
    • Full Certification instructions
  • Six 1-1.5 hour recorded sessions
  • Videos of practices
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