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TOSA (or The Temple of Self-Ascension), is dedicated to helping support the Awakening that is accelerating on our beautiful planet at this time.  One Master once said: “Where Light shines, darkness gathers”, thus it is imperative that we help each other remember the truth of our Authentic Being.  This requires that the messages of truth and Love remain visible and available.

Our service projects include:

Our service projects include:

  1. Free Pain clinic for Indigenous people in Ecuador and Food Bags to those in need.
  2.  Offering scholarships and tuition discounts to those in need.
  3. Broadcasting free radio and weekly video workshops to provide live energetic and emotional support to the Community of Awakening.

Our Priority during the Pandemic is to support Indigenous people who are out of work and have no means to buy essential life support staples such as beans and grain, soap and cooking oil.

If you wish to make a contribution please know that your donation will be allocated to the project most in need of financial support.  Money is energy!  And donations tithed with love multiplies the power of Light and Love.

Your entire “purchase” is a tax deductible donation to The Temple of Self-Ascension of AIWP, a 501 c-3 non profit organization.

Just change the Quantity of  $10 donations to match your hearts call.  For example, click on quantity and center 10 in order to make a $100 donation, and so on….

Thank you for helping support greater harmony and healing!

Your gifts of heart send out a stabilizing wave of positive energy.


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