Trinity Rods – Female


…quickly balance Yin/Yang energies, are used for healing and Mental Clarity…



Trinity Rods can be understood as the Rods of Balance. They will balance the energy of Yin-Yang after 9-12 minutes of use!

In the center of the brain there is an area called “The Cave of Bramha” (known also as the heart of the brain) by Sanskrit texts, which refer to this area as the seat of resonance with the SOURCE Ocean of cosmic vibrations. Close to this area is manufactured the cerebro-spinal fluid in which floats the whole brain and spinal nerves. The chemical pH of this fluid determines the resonance.

Trinity Rods have the ability to balance the pH of that fluid. This brings forth a feeling of greater well being and more centeredness. The Trinity Rods releases and erases the negative memory programming stored in the cells of the body as uncompleted emotional trauma. It aids in bringing that trauma painlessly into fruition, as completed perception floats into the Mind’s eye dissolving all previous resistance.

By balancing the pH and bringing energy into the center of the brain, the Pineal, you can open greater contact with your inner voice of wisdom and healing. The results of using Trinity Rods include clearer memory, an overall regenerative effect and improved pineal gland functioning for psychic abilities.

The Trinity Rods support telepathy. They are excellent for expanding creativity.

We have two types of Trinity Rods: Male and Female

Tests conducted by the Laboratory of High Technology №7 of the Academy of Medical and Technical Sciences of the Russian Federation in Samara gave the next results:

The Female Rods:

  • Aligns the mind.
  • Aligns the left margin of the head and affects the cerebellum
  • Disclosure is anahata
  • Stimulates endocrine system to produce the female hormones
  • Energy moves as the male only from bottom up.
  • There appears an energy power in the hands to transmit healing power.
  • Usilivaetsya feminine aspect
  • Positive impact on the heart and blood.
  • Initially supports health with energy of the yellow-red

The Male Rods:

  • Stimulation of higher centers
  • Awakening of the throat center
  • Alignment of hormonal stagnation of male hormones
  • Transformation of personality into the soul and spirit to the highest value.
  • Circulation of energy based on the principle of apple through the central channel from the top down. Coming
  • from the bottom up the outer layer of the aura and re-enters the channel Suschumna through the head center.
  • Results in a Dark-blue energy running (Indigo).
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