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August 19, 2017
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August 8, 2020
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Transforming Toxicity – Home Study


Enhance your capacity to stand outside of the chaos and limitations of worldly thoughts and fears!  Empower Ascended Freedom.

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The USA is dancing with the polarity of a highly charged politics, and Europe grapples with economic challenges and terrorism, while the Middle East and Korea are  seemingly more unstable,  Weather Changes and Chaos are seemingly endless, now more than ever, is the moment to stand and declare…
All of the energy that is being sloughed off into the Planetary Thought Body has given rise to the SINGLE MOST TOXIC FORCE on the Planet!  Negative emotions, fear and limiting beliefs are all being amplified by the Planetary Thought Body.  This force seeks to steal your future and stop you from creating the abundant and flow filled life you deserve!  AND!  Once you free yourself from this energy force you are able to FREE OTHERS TO DO THE SAME!
Imagine the blessing of FREEING ALL TOXICITY from your Energy Field!  Imagine your life filled with the liberated freedom that easily flows and transforms all of your divine insights into day to day joy-filled reality!

Through this absolutely powerful Home Study Class with Sri & Kira you will learn:

  • How to Liberate yourself from Stagnation!
  • How to discover your FREEDOM through the toxicity!
  • How to break through the energies that seem to be keeping you from your absolutely most amazing life!

In just three sessions you will receive:

  • Clear and concise teaching that will inspire you to move forward
  • Three full audio recordings via MP3 download that you’ll be able to revisit
    the sessions over and over again!
  • Comprehensive class packets via PDF
  • The gift of WITNESSING yourself MOVE FORWARD and claim your seat at the Masters table!
This  class opens your doorway to greater understanding, healing and freedom…we sincerely invite you to join us!
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